“We have a real learning place here.” Sarah

“I have found Hatikvah to be informative and challenging, both in Christian education generally, and specifically in missionary outreach to the Jewish people.” John

“I have really enjoyed Hatikvah and am looking forward to sensitively sharing the Good News of Messiah with my Jewish friends, using the skills and Biblical basis I have learnt on the course.” Joanne

“God continues to enlarge my heart and open my understanding of Jewish thinking. My wrong thought patterns are slow and painful to change – but go they must!” Andrew

“I am a pastor of a small church … One of our ministries is going door-to-door and throughout my work I have come across a few Jews and I found it very difficult to witness to them and I heard about Hatikvah and so I came along. I am learning a lot of things here as well as the Hebrew language.” Wayne


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